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A Strange Little Visitor
Season 2, Episode 12
Series Episode 48
Darrin Merle Tied Up 2×12
Airdate December 2, 1965
Written by John L. Greene & Paul David
Directed by E. W. Swackhamer [1]
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"Aunt Clara's Old Flame"
"My Boss, the Teddy Bear"

A Strange Little Visitor is the twelfth episode of the second season, and the forty-eighth episode of the Bewitched series. The episode was completed by July 8, 1965.


Samantha receives an unexpected visit from her old friends, Margaret and Walter Brocken, who would like Samantha to sit with their ten year old son, Merle, overnight. Samantha is a little wary to do so if only because Merle is a warlock who is just honing his powers, and she does not want to disrupt Darrin's mortal life by any further witchcraft. However, Samantha agrees on the condition that Merle not use his powers while at the house, despite Merle needing to do his "homework", namely practicing his spells and incantations.

Merle ends up being a very polite boy around Darrin, although in a slightly odd way. Half way through Merle's visit, Darrin eventually learns that Merle is a warlock after he catches Merle in the act. With that information out in the open, Samantha and Darrin can guide Merle in a more straightforward manner, including Darrin issuing the directive of no witchcraft whatsoever. Darrin may change his mind about Merle using his witchcraft when a burglar breaks into the house looking to steal the expensive necklace he knows Darrin is keeping for Larry. Convincing Merle of that change of heart for their personal safety may not be an easy task. [2]




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