Abner Kravitz
Name: Abner Kravitz
First Appearance: Be It Ever So Mortgaged
Last Appearance: Darrin Goes Ape (Bewitched)

The Arrival of Nancy (Tabitha)

Portrayer: George Tobias
Species: Mortal
Gender: Male
Occupation: Retired
Spouse: Gladys Kravitz
Relatives: Harriet Kravitz (sister)
Nancy Kravitz (niece)
Edgar (nephew)
Tommy (nephew)
Other nieces and nephews
Residence: Morning Glory Circle
Nationality: American

Abner Kravitz is the husband of Gladys Kravitz. Abner is an easygoing type who continually scolds his wife for her nosy ways, and can never see the strange things going on at the Stephens house.

However, this is largely due to the fact he is more concerned that his wife would stop peeping on the neighbors than he is about what Samantha does behind closed doors. He is apologetic towards Darrin and Samantha for the actions of Gladys and is a model neighbor.

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