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Abner Kravitz
Biographical Information
Name Abner Kravitz
Residence 1168 Morning Glory Circle
Westport, Connecticut
Occupation Retired
Community Volunteer
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Spouse Gladys Kravitz (married 1935)[1]
Family Harriet Kravitz (sister)
Relatives Nancy Kravitz (niece)
Floyd Kravitz (nephew)
Flash Kravitz (nephew)[2]
Louis Gruber (brother-in-law)[3]
Julius Cushman (cousin-in-law)[4]
Edgar (nephew)[5]
Tommy (nephew, sister-in-law's son)[6]
Seymour (nephew)[7]
Sidney Kravitz[8]
Other nieces and nephews
Character Information
Portrayer George Tobias
First Episode Be It Ever So Mortgaged
Last Episode Darrin Goes Ape (Bewitched)
The Arrival of Nancy (Tabitha)
Episode Count 55 (Bewitched)

1 (Tabitha)

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Abner Kravitz is Samantha's and Darrin's neighbor on Morning Glory Circle in Westport, Connecticut. He and his wife Gladys live across the street.


Abner is an easygoing type who continually scolds his wife for her nosy ways, and can never see the strange things going on at the Stephenses' house.

However, this is largely due to the fact he is more concerned that his wife should stop peeping on the neighbors than he is about what Samantha does behind closed doors. He is apologetic towards Darrin and Samantha for the actions of Gladys and is a model neighbor.


Jim Backus was the original choice for Abner Kravitz, but he turned it down because of his commitment to "Gilligan's Island".

Bewitched Episodes[]

Episode Airdate
Be It Ever So Mortgaged September 24, 1964
Mother Meets What's-His-Name October 8, 1964
Little Pitchers Have Big Fears October 22, 1964
...And Something Makes Three December 3, 1964
A Vision of Sugar Plums December 24, 1964
It's Magic January 7, 1965
Ling Ling February 11, 1965
Red Light, Green Light March 4, 1965
Which Witch Is Which? March 11, 1965
Pleasure O'Riley March 18, 1965
Open the Door, Witchcraft April 8, 1965
Abner Kadabra April 15, 1965
That Was My Wife April 29, 1965
Illegal Separation May 6, 1965
A Change of Face May 13, 1965
Remember the Main May 20, 1965
Alias Darrin Stephens September 18, 1965
My Grandson, the Warlock October 7, 1965
Take Two Aspirins and Half a Pint of Porpoise Milk October 21, 1965
And Then I Wrote November 11, 1965
Aunt Clara's Old Flame November 25, 1965
A Strange Little Visitor December 2, 1965
A Vision of Sugar Plums (repeat) December 23, 1965
My Baby, the Tycoon January 20, 1966
Fastest Gun on Madison Avenue February 3, 1966
Samantha, the Dressmaker February 24, 1966
Baby's First Paragraph March 10, 1966
A Bum Raps April 28, 1966
Prodigy June 9, 1966
Endora Moves in for a Spell October 20, 1966
Twitch or Treat October 27, 1966
The Short, Happy Circuit of Aunt Clara November 10, 1966
My Friend Ben December 8, 1966
Samantha for the Defense December 15, 1966
Soapbox Derby December 29, 1966
The Crone of Cawdor March 16, 1967
Nobody but a Frog Knows How to Live April 27, 1967
Double, Double, Toil and Trouble September 28, 1967
A Safe and Sane Halloween October 26, 1967
Allergic to Macedonian Dodo Birds November 16, 1967
My, What Big Ears You Have December 7, 1967
I Confess April 4, 1968
Samantha's Secret Saucer April 18, 1968
Splitsville May 16, 1968
Samantha's Wedding Present September 26, 1968
Weep No More My Willow December 19, 1968
Samantha the Bard January 30, 1969
Daddy Does His Thing April 4, 1969
Santa Comes to Visit and Stays and Stays December 18, 1969
Samantha's Lost Weekend January 8, 1970
Tabitha's Very Own Samantha January 29, 1970
Samantha's Pet Warlock November 19, 1970
Mary the Good Fairy January 21, 1971
The Good Fairy Strikes Again January 28, 1971
Darrin Goes Ape March 11, 1971

Tabitha Episodes[]


  1. Illegal Separation
  2. Soapbox Derby
  3. Prodigy
  4. My Baby, the Tycoon
  5. Baby's First Paragraph
  6. A Safe and Sane Halloween
  7. Tabitha's Very Own Samantha - It is not mentioned whether Seymour is from Gladys' or Abner's side of the family.
  8. Mary, the Good Fairy