Adam Newlarkin
Adam Newlarkin 2×03.jpg
First Appearance: We're in for a Bad Spell
Portrayer: William Redfield
Species: Mortal
Occupation: Banker
Residence: Salem, Massachusetts (hometown)
1164 Morning Glory Circle (temporarily)

Adam Newlarkin is an old army friend of Darrin's.

Adam has just moved to the city to look for a job. Until then, he is staying with Darrin and Samantha. When Adam is inflicted by a barrage of strange occurrences at dinner, Samantha believes that he and/or one of his ancestors has been hexed by a spell, especially when she learns that Adam and his family are long time residents of Salem. Aunt Clara confirms Samantha's suspicion.

Adam must perform three unusual tasks to remove the hex or he will be branded a common thief. The Stephenses and Aunt Clara manage to trick him into performing the first two tasks, much to his bewilderment and consternation. He refuses to do the third task unless they explain. When they finally do he is more than eager to complete the third task. When asked why, he says he definitely believes in witches because he is from Salem.

After completing the third task, the hex is removed and he is saved from being framed for stealing money from the bank where he was hired.

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Some source material is taken from the "We're in for a Bad Spell" plot summary on the Internet Movie Database. Retrieved on December 1, 2019.

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