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Adam Stephens

Adam Witch.png David and Greg Lawrence (Bewitched, 1970-1972)

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 5.29.53 pm.png Voice of Michael Morgan (Tabitha and Adam and the Clown Family, 1972)

IMG 6885.PNG Bruce Kimmel (Tabatha Pilot, 1976)

Tab E1 - Adam.png David Ankrum (Tabitha, 1977-1978)

First Appearance: ...And Something Makes Four
Last Appearance: School Days, School Daze (Bewitched)
Tabitha's Party (Tabitha series)
Portrayer: David Lawrence (child)
Greg Lawrence (child)
Bruce Kimmel (adult, warlock)
David Ankrum (adult, mortal)
Episode Count: 24
Species: Warlock (Bewitched, Tabatha Pilot)
Mortal (Tabitha series)
Gender: Male
Family: Samantha Stephens (mother)
Darrin Stephens (father)
Tabitha Stephens (sister)
Endora (maternal grandmother)
Maurice (maternal grandfather)
Phyllis Stephens (paternal grandmother)
Frank Stephens (paternal grandfather)

Aunt Minerva (aunt)
Serena (first cousin, once removed)
Aunt Hagatha (great-aunt)
Aunt Enchantra (great-aunt)
Bertha (great-aunt)
Aunt Grimalda (great-aunt)
Uncle Arthur (great-uncle)
Cousin Henry (first cousin, once removed)
Cousin Edgar (first cousin, once removed)
Helen (first cousin, once removed)
Robbie (first cousin, once removed)
Uncle Albert (great uncle)
Darrin the Bold (ancestor)

Residence: 1164 Morning Glory Circle
Westport, Connecticut (childhood)
Los Angeles, California (Tabitha (series))

Adam Stephens is the warlock son of Darrin and Samantha Stephens. Tabitha is his sister.


Adam is taught to be a warlock by Maurice, much to his parents' dismay.  Adam was born in 1969. In the spinoff series, Tabitha, he is a mortal like Darrin instead of a warlock.

In the episode "Adam, Warlock or Washout?", it is discovered that Adam has supernatural powers. Apparently, Adam's powers were latent very deep inside him. At first, Adam was thought to be a normal mortal human. He tested out as "mortal" during the same test that had proved that Tabitha was a witch. Adam's maternal grandfather, Maurice, cast a spell upon Adam by using a shell. The "shell" spell ended up releasing Adam's latent powers that were there the entire time. Adam then immediately began his "wishcraft" - just as Tabitha had done when her powers first woke.



Infant, Unknown Actor

Episode Airdate
...And Something Makes Four October 16, 1969
Naming Samantha's New Baby October 23, 1969
Daddy Comes for a Visit November 20, 1969
Darrin the Warlock November 27, 1969
Santa Comes to Visit and Stays and Stays December 18, 1969
The Phrase Is Familiar January 15, 1970
Tabitha's Very Own Samantha January 29, 1970

David and Greg Lawrence

Episode Airdate
The Salem Saga October 8, 1970
Samantha's Old Salem Trip November 12, 1970
Sisters at Heart December 24, 1970
Samantha and the Troll February 18, 1971
This Little Piggie February 25, 1971
Darrin Goes Ape March 11, 1971
Money Happy Returns March 18, 1971
Samantha's Psychic Pslip April 1, 1971
Samantha and the Antique Doll April 22, 1971
How Not to Lose Your Head to King Henry VIII (Part 1) September 15, 1971
Samantha and the Loch Ness Monster September 29, 1971
Paris, Witches Style October 20, 1971
TV or Not TV November 3, 1971
Hansel and Gretel in Samanthaland November 17, 1971
Adam, Warlock or Washout? December 29, 1971
Samantha's Magic Sitter January 5, 1972
School Days, School Daze March 4, 1972

Tabitha Series

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Although they call her "Auntie Serena", Serena is really Tabitha's and Adam's first cousin once removed, because she is Samantha's first cousin, not her sister.

Bewitched Sequel

During the late '70s a "Tabitha" spinoff was created. In the first Tabitha pilot, Tabitha was going to fall for a mortal man, just as her mother, Samantha, had done, but instead of a meddling witch of a mother-in-law, Tabitha would have a warlock meddling brother. Adam would pop in and out, trying to convince Tabitha to leave mortals alone and to pursue her life as a witch. This pilot was bought, but before it aired, the entire premise was changed.

In the new "Tabitha" pilot, Adam was a mortal, just like their father, Darrin, and he was trying to convince Tabitha to live a normal, mortal life. A new witch aunt was also added, Minerva, who would dislike Adam's mortal ways and try to get Tabitha to be more like a witch.


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