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For Samantha's aunt, see Aunt Hagatha.
Agatha and Henry (Eye of the Beholder)
Biographical Information
Name Agatha
Residence Westport, Connecticut
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Spouse Henry
Character Information
Portrayer Georgia Schmidt
Episode "Eye of the Beholder"

Agatha is an elderly mortal woman who is married to Henry.

Henry and Agatha walked around the fountain at the Westbridge Avenue Park talking about their lives together. Even though they were old, they were still young in each other's eyes.

Darrin was in the park and overheard their conversation. He was depressed because he had just discovered that aging for witches takes centuries. That meant that he and Samantha would not grow old together. She would still be young when he was an old man. Seeing Henry and Agatha was bittersweet for him as he realized he and Samantha would never have what Henry and Agatha have.


Agatha: Do you remember, Henry, the first time we came here? We just been married.

Henry: Seems like yesterday.

Agatha: Yes, do you know, Henry, you haven't changed a particle in all these years.

Henry: And you're still my bride, Agatha.

Agatha: Thank you, Henry.