Agnes Moorehead
Agnes Moorehead


Agnes Moorehead




December 6, 1900


Clinton, Massachusetts, United States

Death Date

April 30, 1974 (age 73)

Death Place

Rochester, Minnesota, United States [1]

Agnes Moorehead portrayed Samantha Stephens' mother, Endora, who disapproves of her daughter's marriage to a mortal.


Agnes Moorehead was a versatile American actress who is best remembered for her portrayals of strong, eccentric characters and whose career extended to radio, the stage, film and television.

Moorehead began performing as a child, and as a young adult she sang on local radio programs. She attended Muskingum College, the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and Bradley University, receiving a Ph.D. in literature. She taught high school for a time while attending the American Academy of Performing Arts in New York City. She made her stage debut in 1929 but in the 1930s returned to radio, and her voice was heard regularly on such programs as "The Shadow" and such radio dramas as “Sorry, Wrong Number". During these years she met the actor and director Orson Welles and joined his Mercury Theatre. Welles cast Moorehead in his landmark film "Citizen Kane" (1941), in which she gave a subtle yet powerful performance as Kane’s mother. The following year Moorehead gave perhaps her finest performance, as Fanny Minafer in Welles’ "The Magnificent Ambersons". She was honoured for her highly wrought portrayal of a sexually repressed spinster.

Moorehead appeared in a number of films and television shows during the following decades, often, perhaps owing to typecasting, playing the role of a somewhat unbalanced character. Many recognize her largely from her role on the television series Bewitched (September 1964 to July 1972), in which Moorehead played the sarcastic and elegant witch Endora. [2]


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