Alias Darrin Stephens
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date September 16, 1965
Written by Richard Baer
Directed by William Asher
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Alias Darrin Stephens is the second season premiere, and the thirty-seventh produced episode of Bewitched.


The second season of the "witch-com" begins with wonderful news: Samantha is about to have a baby! Now, if she can only find Darrin, who's been changed into a chimpanzee by Aunt Clara...


  • Sam's unseen obstetrician is Dr. Anton, who would later deliver Adam in season six.
  • Normally a spell can be nullified only by the person who initially cast the spell. In this episode it became possible for Samantha to undo Aunt Clara's spell and turn the chimp back to Darrin, because she learned the exact words of Clara's spell. After watching Aunt Clara only manage to turn Darrin from a chimp into a seal, Samantha is able to then turn Darrin directly into a human.
  • This episode was filmed on May 20, 1965, Elizabeth Montgomery's fourth month of pregnancy. Throughout the first season, the producers shot around Elizabeth's pregnancy and hid it from view until it was disclosed in this episode.
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