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Anne Sargent
Anne Sargent
Role Margaret Brocken
Biographical Information
Birthdate November 18, 1923
Birthplace West Pittston, Pennsylvania, United States
Death Date July 23, 2007 (age 83)
Death Place Englewood, New Jersey, United States

Anne Sargent portrayed Merle's mother, Margaret Brocken, in the second season episode, "A Strange Little Visitor" (1965).


Anne Sargent was an American actress of stage, film and television. She performed in theater under the direction of Alfred Lunt in 1948-1950. Sargent is perhaps best known for her role as Mrs. Halloran in the 1948 motion picture The Naked City.

In March 1949 Sargent was featured in a production of I Know My Love at the Biltmore Theatre in Los Angeles, California, which starred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne. In July 1950, she was signed by Metro Goldwyn Mayer to act in Three Guys Named Mike.

On television, she played in the Bewitched episode "A Strange Little Visitor" and appeared on Perry Mason in 1958 as Eileen Harrison, wife of the title character, in "The Case of the Married Moonlighter".

Sargent's first marriage was to Edmon Ryan, an actor with Warner Brothers. Sargent accompanied her second husband, Paul McGrath, to England in 1978. McGrath, the voice of Inner Sanctum Mysteries in the 1940s and early 1950s, died in his sleep on April 13, 1978 while the couple were staying in London. Sargent's daughter with Ryan is actress Hilary Shelton Ryan.


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