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Arthur Julian
Arthur Julian
Roles Mr. Hockstedder
Mr. MacElroy
Mr. Cunningham
Dwight Sharpe
Leon Hogersdorf
Biographical Information
Birth Name Arthur Julian
Birthdate March 7, 1923
Birthplace Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Death Date January 30, 1995 (age 71)
Death Place Westwood, California, United States

Arthur Julian portrayed five characters on Bewitched (1966-1968). He also wrote the fifth season episode, "Is It Magic or Imagination?" (1968).

Bewitched Credits[]

  • Mr. Hockstedder in "The Dancing Bear"
  • Mr. MacElroy in "The Short, Happy Circuit of Aunt Clara" (as Arte Julian)
  • Mr. Cunningham in "Art for Sam's Sake"
  • Dwight Sharpe in "To Twitch or Not to Twitch"
  • Leon Hogersdorf in "Splitsville"
  • "Is It Magic or Imagination?" (writer)


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