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Notable Works

Bewitched (1965, 1971-1972)
Temperatures Rising
The Paul Lynde Show
Tabatha Pilot (unsold 1976 pilot)

Ashmont Productions was an American television production company. The company was founded by William Asher and his wife Elizabeth Montgomery as a production company for the television series Bewitched. The production company became a production venue for several other ABC shows until the studio's close in 1976.

Ashmont Productions was formed in 1965 by director William Asher and his then-wife, actress Elizabeth Montgomery. Montgomery was the star of ABC's Bewitched and husband Asher directed it. The production company's original purpose was as a production outlet for Bewitched. The name "Ashmont" was a combination of the first syllables of Asher's and Montgomery's names. The combination of the couple's names was similar to rival Desilu Productions, formed by Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball.

However, in 1965, the company only had one production credit on a season one episode of Bewitched. The company did not become active again until the start of the eighth and final season of the show in 1971.

Ashmont Tabatha Pilot

Ashmont Productions credit on the original Tabatha Pilot (1976)

After Bewitched, Ashmont produced The Paul Lynde Show (starring Bewitched alumni Paul Lynde) and Temperatures Rising. The production company closed its doors in 1976 after the filming of the original pilot for the television series Tabitha.


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