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Spells cast by Aunt Clara.

Season One[]

To Make the Teapot Pour Itself[]

"Zolda Pranken Kopek Lum!"

  • Casted with Bertha and Mary

To Pour a Glass of Cherry[]

"Prandle, broom, stackpole!"

  • Result: Spell failed

To Clear Dishes from the Table[]

"Franken, blue, cupa!"

  • Result: Spell failed, dishes rose off table, then fell to the floor.

To Make Suds to Wash the Dishes[]

"Zoltan, durban, liet, lum!"

  • Result: Spell went out of control. Suds filled the entire house.

Season Two[]

To make Samantha a New Outfit[]


  • Result: An elegant Chanel maternity suit appears on a hanger she is holding. At the cocktail party, one sleeve disappears and then the other.

To Give Darrin a New Suit[]

"Skit-scat-skin a cat!"

  • Result: Darrin's suit and tie switch to a new one, darker in colour. The pants later disappear during an interaction with the police.

Season 4[]

To Return to Their Own Time[]

"Wing of fire, eye of moon. Take us back to whence we came soon."

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