Spells cast by Aunt Clara.

Season OneEdit

To Make the Teapot Pour ItselfEdit

"Pour tea, POUR!"

  • Casted with Bertha and Mary

To Pour a Glass of CherryEdit

"Prandle, broom, stackpole!"

  • Result: Spell failed

To Clear Dishes from the TableEdit

"Franken, blue, cupa!"

  • Result: Spell failed, dishes rose off table, then fell to the floor.

To Make Suds to Wash the DishesEdit

"Zoltan, durban, liet, lum!"

  • Result: Spell went out of control. Suds filled the entire house.

Season TwoEdit

To make Samantha a New OutfitEdit


  • Result: An elegant Chanel maternity suit appears on a hanger she is holding. At the cocktail party, one sleeve disappears and then the other.

To Give Darrin a New SuitEdit

"Skit-scat-skin a cat!"

  • Result: Darrin's suit and tie switch to a new one, darker in colour. The pants later disappear during an interaction with the police.

Season 4Edit

To Return to Their Own TimeEdit

"Wing of fire, eye of moon. Take us back to whence we came soon."

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