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Aunt Enchantra
Aunt Enchantra
Biographical Information
Name Enchantra
Occupation Witches Certication Committee (member since 1658, serving for 308 years as of 1966)
Species Witch
Relationship Information
Family Hagatha (sister)
Relatives Samantha Stephens (niece)
Tabitha Stephens (great-niece)
Adam Stephens (great-nephew)
Darrin Stephens (nephew-in-law)
Unknown Relationship Endora
Character Information
Portrayer Estelle Winwood
Ottola Nesmith
Diana Chesney
First Episode Witches and Warlocks Are My Favorite Things
Last Episode Adam, Warlock or Washout?
Episode Count 3
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Aunt Enchantra is Samantha Stephens' aunt.


Enchantra and Hagatha are sisters and she is on good terms with Endora. She has been a member of the Witches Certication Committee since 1658, serving for 308 years as of 1966.

As a member of the committee, she was one of the witches who tested Tabatha's powers in 1966. She, Hagatha and Endora decided that Tabatha should attend Hagatha's school for witches against her parents' wishes. Maurice stopped them from "witch napping", saying that Tabatha belonged with her mother. He popped the trio to the top of Mount Everest to "encourage" them to release Darrin, Samantha and Clara from the spell which trapped them.

Like Hagatha and Endora, she is disdainful of mortals like Darrin and berates him, once saying, "You impudent nothing. You mortal!" ("Witches and Warlocks Are My Favorite Things")

She attended the court proceedings to have Clara declared magically incompetent. She and Hagatha began to cry when Judge Bean was about to declare Clara earthbound, but when Darrin unexpectedly entered the room, Clara made the courtroom and its inhabitants disappear. ("The Trial and Error of Aunt Clara")

Enchantra returned with Grimalda in 1972 to test Adam's powers and his potential. They wanted to take Adam away for training, but once again, she was not allowed to separate Adam from his parents. ("Adam, Warlock or Washout?")


Family Tree[]

It is not known exactly how Enchantra is related to Samantha. However, since witches are long-lived and live for thousands of years, it is possible that Samantha's aunts are many degrees removed from her.


Enchantra's age is never specified. Arthur says that Endora is over four-thousand years old. Estelle Winwood and Ottola Nesmith were older than Agnes Moorehead, by seventeen and eleven years respectively. Although Diana Chesney was sixteen years younger than Moorehead, it can probably be safely assumed that Enchantra was far older than four-thousand years.