Aunt Enchantra.jpg
Aunt Enchantra
Biographical Information
Name Enchantra
Occupation Witches Certication Committee (member since 1658, serving for 308 years as of 1966)
Species Witch
Relationship Information
Family Hagatha (sister)
Relatives Samantha Stephens (niece)
Tabitha Stephens (great-niece)
Adam Stephens (great-nephew)
Darrin Stephens (nephew-in-law)
Endora (unknown relation)
Maurice (unknown relation)
Clara (unknown relation)
Grimalda (unknown relation)
Bertha (unknown relation)
Character Information
Portrayer Estelle Winwood
Ottola Nesmith
Diana Chesney
First Episode Witches and Warlocks Are My Favorite Things
Last Episode Adam, Warlock or Washout?
Episode Count 3
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Aunt Enchantra is Samantha Stephens' aunt and the mentor of Tabitha Stephens. She was played by three actresses in the series, first appearing in Witches and Warlocks Are My Favorite Things.


Not much is known about Enchantra or how she is exactly related to Endora and others in Samantha's family. It is known she has a good relationship with Endora, who claims she was an only child until her brother Arthur came along. (Endora Moves in for a Spell) However, since Serena once claimed she was related to Samantha on her father's side of the family (Mrs. Stephens, Where Are You?), it is possible she is Maurice's sister and Serena's mother. However, since witches are mystically long-lived and can live for thousands of years, it is possible that Samantha's aunts are many degrees removed from her.

It is known that Enchantra sits on the Witch Certification Committee that tests Tabitha's mystical powers, and that she, Hagatha and Endora want Tabitha to attend Hagatha's witch school, but Maurice stops them, keeping Tabitha close to Samantha. Like Hagatha and Endora, she is disdainful of mortals like Darrin and occasionally berates him, once saying, "You impudent nothing. You mortal!" (Witches and Warlocks Are My Favorite Things)

She also returns with Grimalda to test Adam's powers and his potential, but once again, she is not allowed to separate Adam from his parents. (Adam, Warlock or Washout?)


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