Aunt Hagatha
Name: Aunt Hagatha
Aunt Hagatha
First Appearance: Witches and Warlocks Are My Favorite Things
Last Appearance: Samantha's Witchcraft Blows a Fuse
Portrayer: Reta Shaw
Species: Witch
Occupation: School for Witches - Owner
Witch Certification Committee - Chair (member for 308 years)
Family: Aunt Enchantra (sister)
Endora (sister)
Aunt Grimalda (sister)
Uncle Arthur (brother)
Maurice (brother-in-law)
Samantha Stephens (niece)
Tabitha Stephens (grand-niece)
Adam Stephens (grand-nephew)
Cousin Henry (nephew)

Aunt Hagatha is Samantha Stephens' aunt. She chairs the committee that tests Tabitha's powers. She, her sister Enchantra, and Endora attempt to kidnap Tabitha to train her at Hagatha's school for witches, but Maurice stops them. She often babysits Tabitha. She studies Transcendental Meditation.

Like Enchantra and Endora, she is disdainful of mortals like Darrin.

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