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Aunt Millicent
Aunt Millicent
Biographical Information
Name Millicent
Nickname Aunt Milicent
Born Unknown
Residence Butte, Montana
Occupation Retired
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Louise Tate (niece)
Larry Tate (nephew-in-law)
Jonathan Tate (great-nephew)
Character Information
Portrayer Ruth McDevitt
Episode "Samantha's Old Man"

Aunt Millicent is Louise Tate's aunt and makes her first appearance in Season 7 Episode 10 "Samantha's Old Man".

After another argument with Darrin, Endora turns him into an old man, which forces him to pose as his grandfather, Grover Stephens, and causes all sorts of complications. After a trip to the movies, Larry and Louise try to set up Millicent and Grover. Grover is not a fan of Millicent and refers to her as an "Overaged Hippie". The relationship ends after Endora reverse the spell.


  • Aunt Millicent only appeared in one episode, but is often mentioned as the Tate's Babysitter.
  • She refers to Larry as "Lawrence".
Aunt Millicent

Aunt Millicent and Darrin (Grover) in "Samantha's Old Man".