Aunt Minerva
Tab E2 - Aunt Minerva.png
First Appearance: The Pilot
Last Appearance: Tabitha's Party
Portrayer: Karen Morrow
Episode Count: 12
Nickname: Allegretto Apricot (by Rudy)
Species: Witch
Gender: Female
Hair: Blond
Specialty: Singing
Significant Other(s): Prince Horst Hapsburg
Jean Claude LeMatt
Henry Hastings
Family: Tabitha Stephens (niece)

Adam Stephens (nephew)

Aunt Minerva is a witch who is Adam's and Tabitha's aunt. She dislikes Adam's mortal ways and tries to convince Tabitha to use her witchcraft. She is Tabitha's favorite aunt.


  • Prince Horst Hapsburg - Met him at Oktoberfest in Germany.[1]
  • Rudy - Broke up with him because he refuses to touch her for fear of harming his concert-pianist hands.
  • Jean Claude LeMatt - A philandering French ski instructor whom she meets on a ski vacation. He eventually goes mad due to Tabitha's miscalculated spell.
  • Twin brothers, Huey and Louie Schwartzheimer (mentioned) - Broke off within a month.[2]
  • Claudius - Lives in 500 B.C. Rome.
  • Henry Hastings - Penguin expert[3]


Minerva appeared in every episode of Tabitha. She is also meddlesome like Endora. It is unknown how she is related to Samantha.


Gallery of Aunt Minerva


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