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Basil Koenig
Basil Koenig
Biographical Information
Name Basil Koenig  
Occupation Driving School Owner  
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Spouse Sheila Harold Koenig (mentioned)
Relatives Harold Harold (brother-in-law)
Mother-in-law (mentioned)
Father-in-law (mentioned)
3 sisters-in-law (mentioned)
3 brothers-in-law (mentioned)
Character Information
Portrayer Paul Bryar
Episode Driving Is the Only Way to Fly

Basil Koenig owns Reliable Driving School where Samantha Stephens takes driving lessons.

His wife Sheila talked him into hiring her brother, Harold Harold. He wishes he had never listened to her, however, because Harold is too nervous for the job. Harold feels Basil is the only one in the family with whom he can communicate because Basil's suits fit him so well. Harold has worked for him for only three weeks.

Darrin calls Mr. Koenig to schedule driving lessons for Samantha. Each lesson will be ten dollars plus home pickup and delivery. Basil assigns Samantha to Harold, telling him this will be his one last chance with the company.

After Samantha's magical ways of getting out of jams and Endora's pranks to drive him crazy, Harold runs off screaming, abandoning Samantha and the car. For this Basil fires him.

Darrin and Samantha go down to the school to try to save Harold's job. Basil offers to teach Samantha himself, but she refuses, saying she will take her husband's money elsewhere unless Harold teaches her. Basil relents and rehires him.

With his newfound confidence, Harold's job performance improves and he even stands up to Basil. There is even talk of making him a partner in the company.