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Bea Caldwell
Beatrice Caldwell
Biographical Information
Name Beatrice Caldwell
Nickname Bea
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Spouse Tom Caldwell (mentioned)
Children Jimmy Caldwell (son)
Character Information
Portrayer Peg Shirley
Episode "There's No Witch Like an Old Witch"

Beatrice Caldwell is Darrin and Samantha's friend. Jimmy Caldwell is her son.

Darrin, Samantha and Aunt Clara arrive to take Bea downtown to join her husband Tom for dinner. However, the babysitter has cancelled leaving Bea with no one to sit with Jimmy. Samantha suggests they stay there and fix dinner, but Bea decides to stay home and encourages the Stephenses and Clara to join Tom without her.

Clara volunteers to stay with Jimmy so the others can keep their dinner plans. Bea objects at first, but then accepts Clara's offer and she leaves with the Stephenses.