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Bill Mumy by Gage Skidmore
Bill Mumy
Roles Michael
Darrin the Boy
Biographical Information
Birth Name Charles William Mumy, Jr.
Birthdate February 1, 1954
Birthplace San Gabriel, California, United States[1]

Bill Mumy played Michael in the first season episode (and its second season repeat), "A Vision of Sugar Plums" (1964-1965). In the second season, he played Darrin the Boy in the episode, "Junior Executive" (1965). He was credited as Billy Mumy.


Bill Mumy was born on February 1, 1954, in San Gabriel, California, as Charles William Mumy, Jr. He is an actor, writer, songwriter and musician.

Bill Mumy is a multi-talented, prolific artist who entered the arena of professional entertainment at the age of five. He has worked on over four-hundred television shows and is best known by fans around the world for the creation of his memorable roles as the heroic boy astronaut, Will Robinson, on the long running classic series Lost in Space, Anthony Fremont from The Twilight Zone and Lennier from in the popular science fiction series Babylon 5, in which he co-starred for five years.

Bill is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and has been in eighteen feature films, including Dear Brigitte, Rascal, Bless the Beasts and Children and Papillion. Currently, Bill is a consulting Producer on the long running hit television series, Ancient Aliens.

Bill is half of the infamous novelty rock recording and short film making duo Barnes and Barnes. Best known for the classic demented song and film Fish Heads, Barnes and Barnes have released nine albums and a feature length video. Rolling Stone magazine named Fish Heads Number 57 of the all time greatest rock videos ever created.

Bill is a prolific songwriter and solo recording artist and has released many solo CD's and solo music videos: Velour (2016), Ten Days (2015), Illuminations (2013), Until the Big Bang Whimpers (2011), Glorious in Defeat (2010), Carnival Sky (2009), Speechless (2009), Circular (2008), The Landlord or the Guest (2007), (GRA), With Big Ideas 2006, (Lumania), Ghosts, (Renaissance 2003), After Dreams Come True (Oglio: 2001), Pandora's Box (2000), In the Current (1999) and '97's Dying to Be Heard (Renaissance Records). His latest, Lockford, was released in 2018.

He is also a writer of comic books and short stories, and is a prolific voice-over artist.

Bill lives with his wife Eileen and their many dogs in Laurel Canyon. Their two children, Seth and Liliana, have also made their mark as actors and Bill is now a grandfather.[2]

February 15, 2020


Two of his Lost in Space co-stars also appeared on Bewitched - June Lockhart and Jonathan Harris.


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