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Boris 3×07
Biographical Information
Name Boris
Species Warlock
Relationship Information
Significant Other Eva (feline familiar)
Character Information
Portrayer Barry Atwater
Episode "Twitch or Treat"

Boris is one of Endora's friends whom she invites to her annual Halloween party. He brings Eva, his feline familiar, who changes into a woman for the party.

Boris greets Samantha and all but ignores Darrin when Darrin introduces himself. He then shares a dance with Samantha. Later, when Endora asks her guests for requests for her recitation, Arthur zaps him to say, "Melancholy Baby". He apologizes, saying he does not know why he said it. Endora tells him no apologies are necessary for him.

Later, after Endora punishes Arthur for his pranks, Boris and the rest of the guests leave with Endora to continue the party in Venice.