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Brian Nash
Brian Nash
Role Jimmy Caldwell
Biographical Information
Full Name Brian Nash
Birthdate May 20, 1956
Birthplace Glendale, California, United States

Brian Nash played Jimmy Caldwell, a mortal child whom Aunt Clara babysits, in the first season episode, "There's No Witch Like an Old Witch" (1965).


Brian Nash is an American former child actor. He was born on May 20, 1956 in Glendale, California.

Nash was a child actor in the 1960's and. . . was probably best known for his role as the red-headed middle son on the 1965-1967 television series Please Don't Eat The Daisies! However, his first role was that of Doris Day and James Garner's son in the 1963 comedy classic The Thrill of It All. Following that movie, Brian played the role of "Buddy Grady" in the 1964 television sitcom Mickey starring Mickey Rooney and Emmaline Henry as "Buddy's" parents and the owners of an inherited hotel in Newport Beach. In Please Don't Eat the Daisies Brian played the role of "Joel Nash," one of four sons of freelance writer, mother and suburban wife "Joan Nash," a role played by Patricia Crowley. In the television series, Crowley reprised the role Doris Day had played in the 1960 movie version of the same name.

After graduating from Verdugo Hills High School in 1974, Brian attended Brigham Young University. He later married and became a stockbroker in Southern California.

September 18, 2021


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