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Cassandra ep 3
Biographical Information
Name Cassandra
Residence Victorian mansion
Occupation Member of the Witches Council
Coven Leader
Species Witch
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer Mary Wickes
First Episode Halloween Show
Last Episode Tabitha's Party
Episode Count 2
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Cassandra is a powerful witch who sits on the Witches Council. She leads a coven that meets on Witch Mountain for Halloween ceremonies.

Cassandra sends Paula, a Hit Witch, after Paul Thurston to make his life miserable because he mocked witches on his television show. She forbids Minerva to tell Tabitha about the plan. When Minerva spills the news to Tabitha, Cassandra puts a spell on Minerva's taste buds so that everything she eats tastes horrible.[1]

Later, she announces that the Witches Council has reversed its law against mixed marriages. She creates a love potion so Tabitha and Paul will fall in love and marry, but in the end, she performs the wedding ceremony for Dr. Bombay and his mortal nurse Gloria instead.[2]