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Cindie Haynie
Cindie Haynie
Role Bonnie
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Birthdate Unknown
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Cindie Haynie portrayed Bonnie, Tabatha Stephens' neighbor, in the original "Tabatha Pilot" (1976). She was credited as Cindi Haynie.


Cindie Haynie is a stage, film and television actress who has worked in New York, Los Angeles and regional theatre. She received her training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

In television she has appeared in Kinderparents, The Rowan & Martin Report (pilot), Tabatha (pilot), Newhart, Family Medical Center, All the News That Fits, Communications 21 and The Cousin Tuny Show.

In movies and shorts she has appeared in Communication, I Suck, Out, Farmer's Tan, Big Money Rustlas, Save Me a Place at Forest Lawn, Fever Dreams, Deal With It, Three Times a Day, A Place to Come To, Big Shots, The Machine and For Heaven's Sake.

Her theatre credits include Star-Spangled Girl, Getting Out, In Camera, The Dybbuk, Skin of Our Teeth, Gypsy, Gigi, Greatness and Rewind

She works primarily in Los Angeles, California.

Updated February 14, 2022


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