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Col Nathan Mossler 5×09
Colonel Nathan Mossler
Biographical Information
Name Nathan Mossler
Residence Willow Street Park
Occupation Public art
Species Bronze Statue
Relationship Information
Relatives Harlan Mossler (the real Colonel's grandson)
Character Information
Portrayer  Robert Terry
Episode "Samantha Fights City Hall"

Colonel Nathan Mossler is a statue that Samantha brought to life.

Colonel Nathan Mossler was Harlan Mossler's grandfather. The Mossler family owns Willow Street Park in the Stephenses' neighborhood. A bronze statue of the Colonel stands in the park. The family leases it to the city for one dollar a year, but in 1968 the city "forgot" to pay. Harlan planned to bulldoze the park so he could build a supermarket.

Samantha and the other neighborhood mothers staged a protest. To get Harlan to change his mind, she brought the statue to life so it would scold him. Only Harlan could see the statue move and hear it talk; therefore he thought he was hallucinating. Nevertheless, he changed his mind about the park and let the city keep it.

After the mothers went home, the statue winked at Samantha and she was shocked.