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Cousin Edgar
Cousin Edgar
Biographical Information
Name Edgar
Species Elf
Relationship Information
Relatives Samantha Stephens (cousin)
Endora (aunt)
Maurice (uncle)
Character Information
Portrayer Arte Johnson
Episode "Cousin Edgar (episode)"

Cousin Edgar is an elf and a cousin of Samantha. At the beginning of the episode, he does not approve of Samantha marrying Darrin so he makes Darrin's life miserable.

According to Samantha, Edgar served as her bodyguard as she was growing up, only showing up whenever she was in trouble. Which is the reason for his visit, as he regards Samantha's marriage to a mortal as problematic.


Curiously, Cousin Edgar does not speak, but only allows his facial expressions to communicate his meaning. Whether his species is unable to speak, only rarely speaks or whether Edgar simply chooses not to speak, is never made clear.