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Darrin Goes Ape
Season 7, Episode 22
Series Episode 222
Gorilla Darrin 7×22
Airdate March 11, 1971
Written by Leo Townsend and Pauline Townsend
Directed by Richard Michaels
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Darrin Goes Ape is the twenty-second episode of the seventh season and the 222nd episode of the Bewitched series. The episode was completed by December 3, 1970.


Serena comes bearing a present for Darrin as a peace offering. Darrin is appreciative of the gesture until he learns that she zapped it up from witchcraft and learns what the seemingly innocuous gift can actually do. Darrin's ultimate reaction causes an even bigger rift between Serena and Darrin than before she made this gesture. Serena's revenge to Darrin's less than enthusiastic reaction is to turn him into a gorilla while Samantha is out shopping with Tabitha and Adam.

Further complications ensue with the intervention of nosy Gladys Kravitz when she sees the gorilla. She calls the police, who in turn call Johnson's Jungle Island to see if the gorilla is theirs. Despite knowing the gorilla is not theirs, the Johnson brothers are not averse to saying it is so they can provide a mating partner for their gorilla, Tillie.



  • The title refers to the slang phrase "go ape" which means to become extremely excited or enthusiastic (about something).
  • Last episode to feature Abner Kravitz



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