Darrin Double

Darrin Stephens is the mortal husband of Samantha, the father of Tabitha and Adam, the son-in-law of Endora and Maurice, the nephew-in-law of Aunt Clara and Uncle Arthur and he is the son of Phyllis and Frank Stephens.

Darrin meets Samantha and falls in love with her. After marrying her, she tells him she's a witch and proves herself. At first, Darrin doesn't know what to do, but decides he loves her and can't give her up. He wants Samantha to learn to live like a mortal, believing witchcraft is not a "proper" way to live. Samantha complied, but can't give up her witchcraft completely. Darrin also wanted their children, Tabitha and Adam to be raised as mortals, but understood that witches couldn't be banned from using witchcraft - they could only be taught when and when not to use it. He's especially harsh with Tabitha because of her headstrong nature.

Darrin first meets Samantha's mother, Endora who hates mortals, so she casts spells on him for her own amusement, while her father, Maurice disapproves of "mixed" marriages and has a terrible temper. When he first meets Darrin, he "disintegrates" him with the wave of his hand. Endora and Samantha lose their tempers with Maurice and order him to bring Darrin back. Samantha tells her father she loves Darrin and not to take him away from her, and he relents. The only two members of Samantha's family who even come close to liking him are Samantha's Aunt Clara and her Uncle Arthur.

Darrin works as an advertising executive for McMann & Tate, and Samantha sometimes helps him with his work.