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Darrin York Sargent
Darrin Stephens
Biographical Information
Name Darrin Stephens
Nickname List of Darrin's Nicknames
Origin Missouri
Residence 1164 Morning Glory Circle
Westport, Connecticut
Occupation Account Executive
McMann & Tate
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Spouse Samantha Stephens
Children Tabitha Stephens (daughter)
Adam Stephens (son)
Family Frank Stephens (father)
Phyllis Stephens (mother)
Relatives Helen (cousin)
Robbie (cousin)
Uncle Albert (uncle)
Herbert (uncle, mentioned) [1]
Darrin the Bold (ancestor)
Madge (maternal aunt, mentioned) [2]
Frank (paternal great grandfather, mentioned) [3]
Endora (mother-in-law)
Maurice (father-in-law)
Clara (aunt-in-law)
Serena (cousin-in-law)
Former Sheila Sommers (ex fiancée)
Mary Jane Nilesmunster (ex girlfriend)[4]
Character Information
Portrayer Dick York (Seasons 1-5)
Dick Sargent (Seasons 6-8)
Billy Mumy (as Darrin the Boy)[5]
Gene Andrusco (as Marvin)[6]
David White (as Darrin under a spell)[7]
First Episode I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha
Last Episode The Truth, Nothing but the Truth, So Help Me Sam
Episode Count 240
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Darrin Stephens is the mortal husband of Samantha. He is the only child of Frank and Phyllis Stephens. Darrin works as an account executive at the advertising firm McMann & Tate.

Early Years[]

Darrin hails from Missouri, graduated in the 1950 class of the University of Missouri, and served in the United States Army. His old army buddy, Adam Newlarkin, visits him in 1965 when he is in town to look for a new job. Darrin went to college with Charlie Harper and Daphne (whom Charlie later married), although Darrin does not remember her when they meet again in 1967. Daphne said Darrin was the only red-blooded American male who never chased her around the quad. ("I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha") ("Just One Happy Family") ("We're in for a Bad Spell") ("Charlie Harper, Winner")

Social Life[]

Darrin was initially engaged to Sheila Sommers, a beautiful but vain and snobbish woman. But they broke up, Darrin met Samantha by accident and they fell in love, Darrin married Samantha while Sheila was vacationing in Nassau. Sheila does not like Samantha and tries to humiliate her at every opportunity.

Dave is Darrin's drinking buddy and best friend. ("I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha") ("Snob in the Grass")

Marriage and Family[]

Darrin met Samantha, fell in love and married her in 1964. He took her to Atlantic City for their honeymoon. At the hotel on their wedding night, she tells him she is a witch and proves herself. At first, Darrin does not know what to do, but decides he loves her and cannot give her up. He wants Samantha to learn to live like a mortal, believing witchcraft is not a "proper" way to live. Samantha complies, but cannot give up her witchcraft completely. Darrin also wants their children, Tabitha and Adam, to be raised as mortals, but understands that witches cannot be banned from using witchcraft - they can only be taught when and when not to use it. He is especially firm with Tabitha because of her headstrong nature. ("I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha") ("The Moment of Truth")

Darrin first meets Samantha's mother, Endora, who hates mortals, shortly after he and Samantha moved into their new home at 1164 Morning Glory Circle. Endora immediately disapproves of him, questioning why he objects to her daughter being herself. Her father, Maurice, disapproves of "mixed" marriages and has a terrible temper. When he first meets Darrin, he "disintegrates" him with a wave of his hand. Endora and Samantha lose their tempers with Maurice and order him to bring Darrin back. Samantha tells her father she loves Darrin and not to take him away from her, and he finally relents. ("Mother Meets What's-His-Name") ("Just One Happy Family")

Only two members of Samantha's family do not disdain him - her Uncle Arthur likes him, and her favorite aunt, Clara, loves him. ("Out of Sync, Out of Mind")


Darrin is an account executive at the advertising firm McMann & Tate in Manhattan. Larry Tate, the president and founder of the firm, is his boss and a very good friend.


  1. Uncle Herbert is a world traveler. ("Speak the Truth")
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