Darrin the Bold
Darrin the Bold Sargent.jpg
First Appearance: A Most Unusual Wood Nymph
Last Appearance: The Return of Darrin the Bold
Portrayer: Dick York
Dick Sargent
Species: Mortal
Warlock (temporarily)
Occupation: Feudal Lord
Significant Other(s): Serena (dalliance)
Family: Darrin Stephens (descendant)
Frank Stephens (descendant)
Tabitha Stephens (descendant)
Adam Stephens (descendant)
Residence: Castle in Ireland (fourteenth century)

Darrin the Bold is the ancestor of Darrin Stephens. In the fifteenth century, he kills Rufus the Red. In retaliation, a wood nymph, Gerry O'Toole (who is Rufus the Red's true love) places a curse on Darrin the Bold and all of his descendants. The curse is lifted after Samantha time-travels into the past to undo the deed.

Dick York as Darrin the Bold in "A Most Unusual Wood Nymph"

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