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Darrin the Bold Sargent
Darrin the Bold
Biographical Information
Name Darrin
Residence Manor house in Killcarney County, Ireland (fifteenth century)
Occupation Feudal Lord
Species Mortal
Warlock (briefly)
Relationship Information
Relatives Darrin Stephens (descendant)
Frank Stephens (descendant)
Tabitha Stephens (descendant)
Adam Stephens (descendant)
Significant Other Serena (dalliance)
Character Information
Portrayer Dick York
Dick Sargent
First Episode "A Most Unusual Wood Nymph"
Last Episode "The Return of Darrin the Bold"

Darrin the Bold was an Irish ancestor of Darrin Stephens

In the fifteenth century, he killed Rufus the Red. In retaliation, a wood nymph, Gerry O'Toole (who was Rufus the Red's true love), placed a curse on Darrin the Bold and all of his descendants. The curse was lifted after Samantha time-traveled into the past to undo the deed.

Darrin the Bold York

Dick York as Darrin the Bold in "A Most Unusual Wood Nymph"

Serena traveled back in time to give him a potion that turned him, and thus Darrin, into a warlock.