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Diane Murphy


Tabitha Stephens
Party Guest
Raggedy Ann


June 17, 1964


Encino, California, United States [1]

Diane Murphy played Tabitha Stephens (1966-1968), and several other roles later in the series. She shared the role of Tabitha with her fraternal twin sister, Erin Murphy. They took over the role from Julie and Tamar Young.


Diane Murphy was born five minutes before her twin sister Erin on June 17, 1964, at St. Joseph's Hospital in Encino, California. Following the double birth, their mother, Stephanie, gave up her job as a teacher to devote herself full-time to the girls. Wherever she took them the twins drew attention.

When a talent agent wanted to sign them up, Stephanie and her husband, Dan, agreed to give it a shot. Unlike her twin sister, Erin, Diane Murphy was never interested in the acting profession.

Erin and Diane on set

Today, she has an MBA in management from Golden Gate University, Santa Barbara, and a bachelor's degree in psychology and sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

"I'm very happy with my life," she says. "I loved working on Bewitched, and it gave me some very unique and wonderful experiences, but eventually I wanted to lead a more regular life. So I quit the entertainment business when I was thirteen years old."

Before she left Hollywood, Diane appeared in numerous commercials (including one with Henry Fonda), and television shows such as the ABC Afterschool Special, The Magical Mystery Trip Through Little Red. [2]


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