Dr. Bombay
Name: Dr. Bombay
Dr Bombay
First Appearance: There's Gold in Them Thar Pills
Last Appearance: Samantha's Witchcraft Blows a Fuse (Bewitched)
Tabitha's Party (Tabitha)
Portrayer: Bernard Fox
Episode Count: 18
Species: Warlock
Gender: Male
Occupation: Physician
Spouse: Gloria

Dr. Bombay is the witch doctor for Samantha's family, and has a distinct laugh and sense of humor. He also has mostly witch nurse assistants to help him with his work.


Usually summoned by the incantation: "Calling Dr. Bombay! Calling Dr. Bombay! Emergency! Come right away!", he would appear in outrageous costumes, appropriate to whatever bizarre activity he had been interrupted doing - with or without a nurse assistant.

His antidotes for "witch" diseases sometimes go wrong, and Darrin would call him a "Quack" when that happened. He usually ended his visits by zonking away during a burst of laughter.

Dr. Bombay apparently served the witch community under the authority of the Witches Council, since Samantha's Aunt Hagatha once threatened to appeal to the Council to have him replaced. His competition was another witch doctor named Dr. Agraphor.

While fond of Samantha, he tends to regard her husband, Darrin, with little more than amused contempt. Occasionally, he plays on Darrin's preconceptions about witches, once declaring, after performing a simple procedure, "I could've worn a black cloak and stirred a steaming cauldron, but you said you were in a hurry!" On another occasion, he ominously demanded Darrin's soul in payment and, in response to Darrin's nervous reaction, said to Samantha: "Bit of a square, isn't he?"

Dr. Bombay appeared twice in Tabitha when she was grown up and living in Los Angeles. He eventually married his mortal nurse, Gloria.



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