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Emily Banks
Emily Banks
Role Betty
Biographical Information
Birthdate January 23, 1933
Birthplace Norfolk, Virginia, United States[1]

Emily Banks played Betty in the season eight episode, "The Truth, Nothing but the Truth, So Help Me Sam" (1972).


Emily Banks was born on January 23, 1933, in Norfolk, Virginia. She got her start in 1960 when she was elected Miss Rheingold, appearing in advertisements and promotions for Rheingold Beer. In 1963 she appeared as a model for the game show, Say When! Two years after her run ended in 1964, she got her first movie role and first television guest appearance. She worked intermittently in both television and film until 1986.[2]

Her television appearances include The Wild Wild West, Death Valley Days, The Tim Conway Show, Mannix and Highway to Heaven. She played Yeoman Tonia Barrows in the Star Trek: The Original Series first season episode, "Shore Leave" (1966).[3]

February 10, 2020


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