For Darrin's "daydream daughter", see Little Endora.
For Endora as a child on Halloween, see Young Endora.
First Appearance: I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha
Last Appearance: The Truth, Nothing but the Truth, So Help Me Sam
Portrayer: Agnes Moorehead
Maureen McCormick (Young Endora)
Species: Witch
Gender: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Specialty: Witchcraft
Occupation: • Member of both covens which tested Tabitha's and Adam's powers
• Chaired the Witches' Convention in Salem
Family: Arthur (brother)
Tabitha Stephens (granddaughter)
Adam Stephens (grandson)
Darrin Stephens (son-in-law)
Spouse: Maurice
Children: Samantha Stephens (daughter)
Relatives: Serena (niece)
Cousin Henry (nephew)
Cousin Edgar (nephew)
Clara (unknown relation)
Hagatha (unknown relation)
Enchantra (unknown relation)
Grimalda (unknown relation)
Bertha (unknown relation)

Endora is the witch mother of Samantha Stephens and is the wife of Maurice.


Endora disapproved of her daughter's decision to marry a mortal, and she sometimes casts spells on Darrin for her own amusement. She refuses to even use Darrin's name, purposely calling him "Durwood," "What's-his-name," "Darwin," "Dum-Dum," etc.., all much to his annoyance. She refers to him as "Darrin" only eight times during the entire series.

Despite her disapproval, Endora loves Samantha and her grandchildren, Tabitha and Adam, more than anything. Endora is the most frequent houseguest and one of the most loyal members of Samantha's family.


After learning that Tabitha was a witch, Endora, Hagatha, and Enchantra wanted Tabitha to attend Hagatha's witch school, but Maurice stopped them.

Endora and Carlotta wanted Samantha to marry Carlotta's son, Juke, but after Samantha taught Juke to stand up to his mother, she let them go, and Juke married someone else.


It is revealed that she was an only child before her brother, Arthur, was born.[1] Because of this fact, it is actually extremely doubtful that Hagatha and Enchantra were Endora's sisters.


The age of Endora is a question that is never answered directly, but on many occasions a reference is made to a time of birth, or to someone from history whom Endora knew.

  • She makes reference to having known Diogenes (400 BC)
  • She says she cooked for the Roman Emperor, Claudius.
  • She makes reference to having known Helen of Troy (1180 BC).
  • Serena tells Phyllis that Endora admits to 1000.
  • Arthur says she is over 4000.
  • Maurice says he and Endora knew Atilla the Hun (450 AD).
  • Endora says she has changed her mind many times in 3000 years.
  • Endora states she dated Otzie the iceman (3500 BC). (This is impossible. Ötzi was discovered in 1991, Bewitched filmed its last episode in 1971-1972, 20 years before the body was found.)
  • She made a deal with Carlotta in the Middle Ages for Samantha to marry her son, Juke.

On the Other Hand

  • Endora says she went to Shakespeare's plays as a little girl.
  • Endora refers to being a child bride when Samantha was born.
  • Endora says again she was a child bride. This time she defines it as being in 1670.
  • Endora says she was not born at the time of King Henry VIII (1570).


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