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Ernest Hitchcock
Ernest Hitchcock
Biographical Information
Name Ernest Hitchcock
Occupation President of Gotham Industries
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Significant Other Hepzibah (dating)
Character Information
Portrayer Cesar Romero
Episode Salem, Here We Come

Ernest Hitchcock is a new client at McMann & Tate. He is the president of Gotham Industries. It is a prestige account for the advertising agency.

Gotham Industries' began with fried chicken. From those humble origins, it grew to become an international conglomerate. The company has steel mills in Pittsburgh, textiles in India and rubber plantations in South Africa. Gotham has executive offices in every major capital of the world including London, Paris, Rome and Copenhagen. They also have offices in Turkey, Spain and Australia.

Mr. Hitchcock meets with Larry and Darrin to discuss the preliminary concepts Darrin has drafted for his advertising campaign. Wishing to examine the mortal activity known as "work", an extremely powerful witch, the High Priestess Hepzibah, visits Darrin's office with Samantha. After some introductions, Mr. Hitchcock is about to say something rude to Hepzibah. To avert disaster, Samantha magically influences Mr. Hitchcock to fall in love with Hepzibah who is immediately charmed.