Name: Esmeralda
S6E12 - Esmeralda in her reading glasses
First Appearance: Samantha's Yoo-Hoo Maid
Portrayer: Alice Ghostley
Species: Witch
Occupation: Nanny

Esmeralda is a witch who becomes the Stephen's housekeeper. Endora suggests to Samantha that she should have a witch as a housekeeper to make things easier while Samantha is pregnant.

Esmeralda's powers as seen in her first episode appearance, appear to be fading as she often causes some trouble with her magic by mistake such as when she sneezes she usually conjures up something by accident, Esmeralda is seen in last few seasons taking care of Tabitha and Adam.


Esmeralda played by Alice Ghostley is considerably the spiritual replacement for Aunt Clara because she was created after the death of potrayer Marion Lorne as the producers felt that the role of Clara could not be replicated by another actress.


Gallery of Esmeralda
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