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Frank Stephens
Biographical Information
Name Frank Stephens
Occupation Retired
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Spouse Phyllis Stephens
Children Darrin Stephens (son)
Relatives Samantha Stephens (daughter-in-law)
Tabitha Stephens (granddaughter)
Adam Stephens (grandson)
Helen (niece)
Robbie (nephew)
Frank (grandfather, mentioned) [1]
Madge (sister-in-law, mentioned) [2]
Darrin the Bold (ancestor)
Character Information
Portrayer Robert F. Simon
Roy Roberts
First Episode Samantha Meets the Folks
Last Episode Samantha and the Antique Doll
Episode Count 13
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Frank Stephens is the husband of Phyllis Stephens and the father of Darrin Stephens. He is also the father-in-law of Darrin's wife, Samantha, and the paternal grandfather of their children, Tabitha and Adam Stephens. He was played by two actors in the series, Robert F. Simon and Roy Roberts.


Frank proposed to Phyllis in Angel Falls and they married in 1925.[3] They have one son, Darrin, who was named after his grandfather (as he was named after his). Frank had just retired before meeting Endora in 1965. Unlike his wife, Frank accepted Darrin's decision to marry Samantha and live their lives the way they want. He has warmly treated Samantha as if she were his daughter, but mostly, he reacts with disdain to Phyllis's delusions and hallucinations, unaware that these are events caused by Samantha's mystical abilities. In such cases, he is always telling her to take her medicine or just chiding for her strange comments. He has met Samantha's family several times, and has been very genial toward them, unlike Phyllis who often finds them a bit off. As a grandfather, he is very loving to his grandchildren, Tabitha and Adam. Although they live some distance from Westport, the children stay with them several times.


  • In the series development, Darrin was originally going to have a sister to serve as his ally against Samantha's family. This character would have been another child for Frank and Phyllis, but the role was dropped after the pilot. It is unknown if the character still exists somewhere behind the scenes.


Robert F. Simon Episodes

Episode Airdate
Samantha Meets the Folks December 17, 1964
A Nice Little Dinner Party January 27, 1965
Samantha Meets the Folks (repeat) January 27, 1966
The Dancing Bear February 10, 1966
It's Wishcraft March 30, 1967
Samantha and the Antique Doll April 22, 1971

Roy Roberts Episodes

Episode Airdate
Out of Sync, Out of Mind November 2, 1967
McTavish February 15, 1968
Mrs. Stephens, Where Are You? February 13, 1969
Tabitha's Weekend March 6, 1969
Naming Samantha's New Baby October 23, 1969
Samantha's Double Mother Trouble December 4, 1969
Samantha's Secret Is Discovered January 22, 1970


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