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George Barkley
George Barkley
Biographical Information
Name George Barkley
Occupation Advertising Director at Robbins Baby Food
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Character Information
Portrayer Steve Franken
First Episode "Follow That Witch (Part 1)"
Last Episode "Follow That Witch (Part 2)"

George Barkley was the head of advertising at Robbins Baby Food, a potential client of McMann & Tate. He advised Mr. Robbins to wait ten days before giving Darrin his answer about whether they would go with the agency for their advertising account.

Unbeknownst to Mr. Robbins, Barkley hired private detective Charlie Leach to investigate Darrin and Samantha before they gave their answer. While snooping at the Stephenses' home, Leach caught Samantha using her powers. When Barkley heard Leach's report, he was convinced the detective was crazy and fired him.