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Gerry O'Toole 3×05
Gerry O'Toole
Biographical Information
Name Geraldine O'Toole
Nickname Gerry
Woody (derisively by Samantha Stephens)
Age at least 500 years
Residence Derrybrien, Ireland
Occupation Weaver
Species Wood Nymph
Relationship Information
Significant Other Rufus the Red (true love)
Character Information
Portrayer Kathleen Nolan
Episode "A Most Unusual Wood Nymph"

Gerry O'Toole (Geraldine) is a wood nymph. Wood nymphs are excellent weavers. They hate cats and the one thing they hate more than a cat is a witch.

Gerry put a curse on Darrin the Bold and all of his descendants for murdering her beloved Rufus the Red. To undo the curse, Samantha travels back in time to fifteenth century Ireland to meet Darrin the Bold and stop him from committing the murder.