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Gertrude 1×13
Biographical Information
Name Gertrude
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Spouse Kermit
Character Information
Portrayer Kit Smythe
Episode "Love Is Blind"

Gertrude is Samantha's mortal friend.

Samantha played matchmaker and invited Gertrude to dinner to meet Darrin's colleague, Kermit, much to Darrin's chagrin. Darrin thought Gertrude might be a witch, but he could never get a straight answer out of Samantha one way or another.

Gertrude and Kermit liked each other and began dating. Darrin tried to run interference by getting Kermit back together with his old girlfriend, Susan. Samantha ran some magical interference which sent Susan away.

The love between Gertrude and Kermit was undeniable and they got married.