Gladys Kravitz
Name: Gladys Kravitz
Gladys Kravitz Pearce Gould
First Appearance: Be It Ever So Mortgaged
Last Appearance: Laugh Clown, Laugh (Bewitched)

The Arrival of Nancy (Tabitha)

Portrayer: Alice Pearce (1964-1966)

Sandra Gould
Bewitched (1966-1971)
Tabitha (1977)

Species: Mortal
Gender: Female
Hair: Brown
Occupation: Homemaker
Spouse: Abner Kravitz
Relatives: Harriet Kravitz (sister-in-law)
Nancy Kravitz (niece)
Edgar (nephew)
Tommy (nephew)
Other nieces and nephews
Residence: Morning Glory Circle

Gladys Kravitz is extremely nosy, frequently peeking through her curtains at the Stephens' home. She is convinced that there is something strange going on in their household (and indeed there is, for Samantha Stephens often uses witchcraft that creates unusual events, and the Stephens' witch-and-warlock relatives come and go from the house), and she would yell "ABNER!", referring to her husband, although she can never adequately prove her assertions to him!

Kravitz's nosiness, her frustration at never being able to convince her husband or other neighbors of the odd behavior across the street, and the difficulties she causes the Stephens are all recurring themes on Bewitched. Samantha Stephens always comes up with a fabricated reason why Gladys Kravitz had seen what she had seen, and Gladys can never prove to others that there is anything beyond the ordinary happening at the Stephens', which causes her no end of annoyance and causes her to question her own impressions and even sanity. Sometimes, however, when Gladys and her nosiness goes way too far, especially when it involves any city officials or the police, Samantha utters, in anger, that the trouble is "some more of Gladys Kravitz's handiwork!"

Gladys is one of the few, if not only, mortal characters to see through Samantha and Darrin's ruse. She clearly knows that there is something strange going on, even if she is not entirely sure of the source of the oddities. In contrast, Darrin's boss Larry Tate has frequent contact with Samantha and Darrin and never suspects a thing. Gladys is the one mortal who is observant (or nosy) enough to notice the effects of witchcraft at the Stephens' home, even though no one in the Stephens family ever admits to Gladys that Samantha is a witch.

Many years later, Nancy Kravitz, Gladys' niece, goes to visit her old childhood friend, Tabitha, in Los Angeles and not long after, Gladys and Abner soon showed up. Much like she had with her mother, Gladys didn't much approve of Tabitha (she thought of her as a bad influence on Nancy), and was still as nosy as ever. She also ran afoul of Tabitha's Aunt Minerva.



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