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Harold Harold
Harold Harold
Biographical Information
Name Harold Harold  
Occupation Driving Instructor  
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Sheila Harold Koenig (sister, mentioned)
Mother (mentioned)
Father (mentioned)
3 Sisters (mentioned)
Relatives Basil Koenig (brother-in-law)
Adelaide (aunt, mentioned)
3 Brothers-in-Law (mentioned)
Character Information
Portrayer Paul Lynde
Episode Driving Is the Only Way to Fly

Harold Harold is a driving instructor who teaches Samantha how to drive.

According to Harold, his home life was like Little Women - four sisters, his mother and Aunt Adelaide. He says it was no wonder that his father reported himself missing in action during the last "unpleasantness". He tells Samantha his first name is the same as his last because his mother was exhausted after naming his three older sisters.

Harold moves quickly from job to job. He has worked for his brother-in-law Basil Koenig for three weeks. Before that, he was a cashier in a pizza parlor. The month before that he was an apprentice plumber. The month before that he was a cheap shoe salesman. He has four brothers-in-law who take turns hiring and firing him.

Harold is nervous, insecure, clumsy and accident-prone. He needs such a high dose of tranquilizer medicine that his doctor prescribes them in wafer form - the size of cookies.

His sister Sheila talked Basil into hiring him at his business, Reliable Driving School. Basil is unhappy with Harold's performance record, he is too nervous for the job, and wishes he never listened to his wife. Teaching Samantha is his one last chance.

While instructing Samantha, her magical ways of getting out of jams start to unnerve Harold. After parking, Endora appears in the backseat and pranks Harold by talking to him then popping out every time he looks back to see who it is. When Endora makes the car disappear in a puff of fire and smoke, Harold runs off screaming.

Basil fires Harold for abandoning Samantha and the car. Darrin and Samantha go down to the school to try to save Harold's job. Samantha says she will take her husband's money elsewhere unless Harold is her instructor. Basil agrees to rehire his brother-in-law.

Later, Samantha invited Harold to join her basket weaving class and the class did wonders for him. He gave up tranquilizers and started standing up to Basil. There is even talk of making him a partner in the company. Harold is now confident, calm and self-assured.