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Harriet Kravitz
Harriet Kravitz
Biographical Information
Name Harriet Kravitz
Residence 1168 Morning Glory Circle
Westport, Connecticut
(Abner's house, 1966)
Occupation Homemaker (for Abner when Gladys is away)
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Family Abner Kravitz (brother)
Relatives Gladys Kravitz (sister-in-law)
Floyd Kravitz (nephew)
Flash Kravitz (nephew)[1]
Sidney Kravitz[2]
Nancy Kravitz (niece)
Character Information
Portrayer Mary Grace Canfield
First Episode Follow That Witch (Part 1)
Last Episode Man's Best Friend
Episode Count 3
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Harriet Kravitz is Abner Kravitz's sister and is unmarried. Harriet moved in with her brother temporarily to keep house while Gladys was away visiting her mother.

Harriet fell out of a tree house when she was six years old. Ever since then Abner has been telling her that she needs glasses.

Harriet is very close with her sister-in-law and believes everything Gladys tells her about Samantha Stephens. Like Gladys, she is a snoop and spies before she knocks at the Stephenses' door.

She first met Samantha when Samantha was painting a rocking chair. Harriet dropped by to return a sauce pan that Gladys borrowed. She left, but immediately returned unannounced and saw the result of Samantha's witchcraft. Samantha had shrunk the chair to four inches tall so she could paint it more easily.



  1. Soap Box Derby
  2. Mary, the Good Fairy