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Bartender Harry TabEp 0
Harry (bartender)
Biographical Information
Name Harry
Residence San Francisco Bay Area
Occupation Bartender
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Spouse Wife (mentioned)
Relatives Mother-in-Law (mentioned)
Father-in-Law (mentioned)
Character Information
Portrayer David Carlile
Episode Tabatha Pilot (original)

Harry tends bar at an establishment where Cliff goes to drown his sorrows.

Cliff confesses to Harry that his girlfriend, Tabatha, is a witch, saying that she put a palm tree and a camel in the living room. Harry says, so what? His wife put her mother and father in the guest room and they have been there for three years. He says "that" is a witch.

Adam magically places a suggestion in Harry's mind to suddenly decide to go outside, thus allowing Adam to pop in and pose as a "mixologist" so he can talk to Cliff. As soon as Harry walks outside he wonders why he is there. He knocks on the window, but it makes no sound.

After his conversation with Cliff, Adam pops out and Harry reenters asking where the other bartender went. Cliff does not know and asks Harry where "he" went. Harry tells Cliff that he may not believe it, but he was out dancing with the queen.