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Cousin Helen
Biographical Information
Name Helen
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Relatives Darrin Stephens (cousin)
Frank Stephens (uncle)
Phyllis Stephens (aunt)
Tabitha Stephens (first cousin, once removed)
Adam Stephens (first cousin, once removed)
Samantha Stephens (cousin-in-law)
Significant Other Ralph (boyfriend, fiancé)
Unknown Relationship Robbie (Darrin's cousin)
Uncle Albert (Darrin's uncle)
Herbert (Darrin's uncle, mentioned) [1]
Madge (Darrin's maternal aunt, mentioned)[2]
Character Information
Portrayer Louise Glenn
Episode A Prince of a Guy

Helen is Darrin Stephens' cousin.

Helen has never had luck with men, so she brings her boyfriend, Ralph, to dinner at Darrin's and Samantha's house. She wants to show Ralph what a happy married home life is all about so that she can entice him into marriage.

She meets Samantha's "Cousin Charlie" (who is really Prince Charming, a character Tabatha wished out of a storybook) and is swept off her feet. She quickly forgets all about Ralph who gets angry and leaves.

The next day they see each other. She is upset he left her at the party. He is glad he found out what she was like since he had planned to propose to her. This suddenly changes everything for Helen. She happily latches onto Ralph and they get engaged.