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Help, Help, Don't Save Me
Season 1, Episode 5
Series Episode 5
Airdate October 15, 1964
Written by Danny Arnold
Directed by William Asher
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"Little Pitchers Have Big Fears

Help, Help, Don't Save Me is the fifth episode of the first season of Bewitched. The episode was completed by September 11, 1964.


Darrin is thrown in for a loop trying to find a perfect slogan for the Caldwell Soup account. Samantha gives him spectacular ideas, and Darrin accuses her of using witchcraft and submits his own ideas. Mr. Caldwell rejects his ideas and Darrin accuses Sam for using witchcraft to influence Caldwell's decision. Samantha packs up her stuff and threatens to separate and Darrin is totally crushed. Darrin then submits Samantha's ideas to Larry, who thinks that they are great. Darrin soon realizes that Samantha had nothing at all to do with what has happened with Caldwell and they make up. As they make up, Samantha says that no can of soup should come between them, and Darrin thinks that that is a spectacular slogan for Caldwell Soups.


  • This marks the first time Samantha is seen wearing her witches' flying suit.
  • This episode was later remade in Season Eight as "A Good Turn Never Goes Unpunished", which first aired on March 11, 1972.


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