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Hepzibah 7×02
Biographical Information
Name Hepzibah
Occupation High Priestess
Species Witch
Relationship Information
Relatives Contessa Piranha (niece)
Significant Other Ernest Hitchcock (dating)
Character Information
Portrayer Jane Connell
First Episode "To Go or Not to Go, That Is the Question"
Last Episode "Salem, Here We Come"

Hepzibah is the High Priestess of witches and warlocks. An Empress, she is a very powerful witch who came to stay with the Stephenses to see if a mixed marriage could work out. She transformed the Stephenses' home into a palace to feel more like home.

Hepzibah 7×01

Hepzibah racks up a demerit every time Darrin misbehaves.