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Herb Voland
Herb Voland
Roles Mr. Springer
Whitney Hascomb
Charlie Traynor
E. J. Haskell
Mr. Ferber
Judge Armstrong
Biographical Information
Full Name Herbert Maurice Voland
Birthdate October 2, 1918
Birthplace New Rochelle, New York, United States
Death Date April 26, 1981 (age 62)
Death Place Riverside, California, United States[1]

Herb Voland played six characters on Bewitched, mostly clients (1967-1972).


Herbert Maurice Voland was an American actor best remembered for his television roles - 'General Brandon Clayton' on "M.A.S.H." from 1972 to 1973, 'T.J. McNish' on "The Paul Lynde Show" from 1972 to 1973, 'Neil Ogilvie' on "Arnie" from 1970 to 1972, and 'Henry Masterson' on "Mr. Deed Goes to Town" from 1969 to 1970.

He appeared in the films, "The Munsters' Revenge" (1980), "Getting Wasted" (1980), "The Formula" (1980), "Airplane!" (1980), "The North Avenue Irregulars" (1979), "Big Wednesday" (1978), "Tail Gunner Joe" (1977), "The Death of Richie" (1977), "Death Sentence" (1974), "Another Nice Mess" (1969), "The Love God?" (1969), "In Name Only" (1969), "Don't Just Stand There!" (1968), "With Six You Get Eggroll" (1968), "The Shakiest Gun in the West" (1968), "Scalplock" (1966), and "The Iceman Cometh" (1960).

His other television credits are, "The Jeffersons," "Starsky and Hutch," "Wonder Woman," "All in the Family," "Happy Days," "McCloud," "The Love Boat," "Sanford and Son," "Get Smart," "Green Acres," "Bewitched", Perry Mason," and "I Dream of Jeannie."[2]

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