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Ho Ho the Clown
Season 3, Episode 18
Series Episode 92
Ho Ho on TV 3×18
Airdate January 12, 1967
Written by Richard Baer
Directed by William Asher
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Ho Ho the Clown is the eighteenth episode of the third season and the ninety-second episode of the Bewitched series. The episode was completed by November 11, 1966.


When Samantha, Tabatha and Endora go to a taping of the "Ho Ho the Clown Show", Endora discovers that because a client of Darrin's sponsors the show, Tabatha is ineligible to win any prizes. Endora casts a spell that makes Hoho say the wrong number, enabling Tabatha to win the Ho Ho Hope Chest. As Darrin and Larry watch the show from Darrin's office, Darrin gets angry because he knows Endora is behind this.

To make matters worse, the spell also causes Ho Ho to fall in love with Tabatha and refuse to do the show unless Tabatha is there. Later when Darrin, Samantha and Tabatha are at the show, Ho Ho says that instead of picking a random child to win the Ho Ho Hope Chest, he will give it all to Tabatha from now on. This angers the sponsor and other audience members. Later when Ho Ho, in his normal attire, comes to the house to give Tabatha a pony, Samantha threatens her mother that she will not let her see Tabatha unless she shows up. Endora pops in from Mexico City. Samantha tells her mother to remove the spell. Endora tells Samantha the spell was supposed to wear-off earlier, then she removes the spell.

Unfortunately, Larry and Mr. Solow (owner of the Solow Toy Company and the "Ho Ho the Clown Show") arrive at the Stephenses' residence. Mr. Solow reveals that he hired a detective who discovered that Tabatha is Darrin's daughter. Mr. Solow believes that Darrin and Ho Ho are working together. Mr. Solow announces that the "Ho Ho the Clown Show" is officially cancelled. Larry asks Darrin to quit his job as he is terminated, with Mr. Solow saying that his contract with McMann & Tate is also terminated. Larry pleads with Mr. Solow not to pull out of his contract as McMann & Tate should not be punished for Darrin's actions. Before things get worse, Samantha freezes Larry, Ho Ho and Mr. Solow in order to come up with a plan.

Samantha creates a doll version of Tabatha. Then she magically makes Ho Ho believe he was in on the plan. She unfreezes them and explains to Larry and Mr. Solow that this was the plan all along - to use this stint to introduce the Tabatha Doll. Mr. Solow likes the idea and Larry rehires Darrin.


  • Dick Wilson portrays Mr. Solow. This is one of the rare instances on Bewitched when he does not play a drunk.


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