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I Confess
Season 4, Episode 28
Series Episode 135
Stephenses Military Base 4×28.png
Airdate April 4, 1968
Written by Richard Baer
Directed by Seymour Robbie[1]
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I Confess is the twenty-eighth episode of the fourth season and the 135th episode of the Bewitched series. The episode was completed by February 12, 1968.


After dinner at a French restaurant, a drunk tries to pick up Samantha, saying his spirits cannot be dampened. Samantha manifests a bucket of water over his head, and pours it on top of him. After Darrin comes out of the restaurant, and Samantha tells him what happened, he decides to let the world know that Samantha is a witch.

That night, Samantha casts a spell on Darrin to give him a nightmare about what would happen if the world learns that Samantha is a witch. Afterwards, Darrin realizes it is best to keep quiet about it.




  • Samantha usually sleeps on the left side of the bed and Darrin on the right, but for this episode their positions are switched so the more familiar camera angle facing the windows can still be used.



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