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It Takes One to Know One
Season 1, Episode 11
Series Episode 11
Airdate November 26, 1964
Written by Jack Sher
Directed by William Asher
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It Takes One to Know One is the eleventh episode of the first season of Bewitched. The episode was completed by September 29, 1964.


When Darrin starts searching for a "Miss Jasmine" for his firm's perfume account, Endora seizes the opportunity to sow doubt in Samantha's mind about her husband's loyalty. The search for a beautiful model ends when Janine Fleur arrives. Both Larry and Darrin agree that Janine is "Miss Jasmine".

Samantha learns that Janine is actually Sarah Baker, a witch whom Endora has asked to captivate Darrin. Samantha warns Sarah to stay away from her husband.

Intrigued, Sarah keeps on with her original assignment. Darrin goes to Janine's apartment to discuss the details of the "Miss Jasmine" campaign. He brings Larry along as a "chaperone" to prevent Janine from getting too intimate with him. Janine doctors the drinks. Larry falls asleep and Darrin becomes amorous. Just as Darrin starts to kiss Janine, Samantha appears and turns her husband into a large ugly fish. Samantha finally convinces Sarah to leave Darrin and Larry alone.

When the campaign is completed, Samantha turns the advertising picture of "Miss Jasmine" into a caricature.


  • Samantha - to freeze people in place
Lindor, radamanthis, incepta!



  • Lisa Seagram is listed as playing "Janine" in the closing credits.
  • This episode was remade in the eighth season as "The Eight-Year Itch Witch".

In Popular Culture[]

  • Clips of this episode are played in the 1999 movie "Crazy in Alabama".


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