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J. Earl Rockford
J. Earl Rockeford
Biographical Information
Name J. Earl Rockeford
Occupation Business Magnate
President and Chairman of the Board of Burning Oak Country Club
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Spouse Hortense Rockeford
Character Information
Portrayer Edward Andrews
Episode "The Battle of Burning Oak"

J. Earl Rockeford is a client of McMann & Tate.

While he and his wife were having a business dinner at the Stephenses' home, he invited Darrin and Samantha to join his country club, Burning Oak. When Darrin said he wanted time to think about it, Mr. Rockeford took offense and left in a huff.

The next day, Larry apologized to Mr. Rockeford on Darrin's behalf without actually telling Darrin. He also accepted an invitation on Darrin's behalf for them to join Mr. Rockeford at the club for a game of golf.

Endora put a spell on Darrin to turn him into a snob. Darrin hit it off with Mr. Rockeford who took a shine to Darrin.