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J. T. Glendon
J. T. Glendon
Biographical Information
Name J. T. Glendon
Species Mortal
Relationship Information
Spouse Doris Glendon
Family Ethel Grange (sister)
Character Information
Portrayer Harry Holcombe
Episode "Samantha, the Dressmaker"

J. T. Glendon is a client of McMann & Tate.

Mr. Glendon and his wife Doris invited Darrin and Samantha over for dinner. Mrs. Glendon asked if Samantha had ever been to Paris, seeing that the dress she was wearing did not appear local. Darrin pointed out that Samantha made it herself, prompting Mrs. Glendon to ask Samantha to make a dress for her. Mr. Glendon's sister, Ethel Grange, asked for one also.

Unbeknownst to them and Darrin, Samantha had turned the dress she made by hand into an original Aubert design she saw in Paris.